وتبكين حباً .. مضى عنكِ يوماً وسافر عنكِ لدنيا المحال
لقد كان حلماً .. وهل في الحياةِ سوى الوهم - ياطفلتي- والخيال ؟
وما العمر يا أطهر الناسِ إلا سحابةُ صيفٍ كثيف الظلال

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Translation: One of the Russians prisoners in world war wrote in his diaries: in 1941 the Germans forced us to dig a deep hole in the ground and when we were done, they brought a group of Jews in the hole and asked us to bury them, we refused this heinous act afterward the Germans demanded the jews to bury us instead. The Jews began heaping the sand without hesitation and when we were almost buried with sand the Germans stopped them surprisingly and got us out. At the end the German commander exclaimly told us I wanted you to know what are the Jews like and why we kill them.
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